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Ports, ships and the human economy of global sea trade: an interview with Laleh Khalili

Little has been written about the sea trade in the Gulf. Laleh Khalili’s latest book explores the complex realities that drive this massive economy.Tugrul Mende30 June 2020 During the COVID-19 pandemic many workers in ports and on ships have either … Continue reading

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SSRC: A Time Capsule for Future Social Researchers

On 15 May 2020 I had a really great conversation with Indian Ocean historian Dr Saarah Jappie about a visual artefact that should be included in an SSRC time capsule on COVID-19. Here is the result of the conversation: Inspired … Continue reading

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Interview with Diepgang magazine

In January I gave a talk at the Erasmus university in Rotterdam. I was incredibly pleased that a lot of seafarers and people working with seafarers came to see it (and some were also critical of the talk – they … Continue reading

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Interview from 2018 with ViewPoint Magazine

How Empire Operates: An Interview with Laleh Khalili Laleh Khalili February 1, 2018 Viewpoint: How do you understand imperialism? Is it still a useful concept? What analytical frameworks do you see as most adequate for understanding relations of force at the … Continue reading

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Interview from 2017 with Salvage Magazine

Logistics, Counterinsurgency and the War on Terror: An Interview with Laleh Khalili by George Souvlis and Laleh Khalili | March 16, 2017 George Souvlis: By way of introduction, could you explain what personal experiences strongly influenced you, politically and academically? Laleh Khalili: I … Continue reading

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Shay wa nana podcast

I had a wonderful conversation with Zein El-Amine on his Shay wa Nana radio show on Wednesday 20 May 2020! or 89.3 FM in DC area. Zein has lived in Bahrain (on a military base!) and in Saudi Arabia, … Continue reading

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LRB podcast with Rafeef Ziadah

I was supposed to have a lovely launch in the London Review Bookshop, but alas, COVID-19 has shut everything down. So instead, we recorded a podcast which you can listen to here:

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