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Interview from 2018 with ViewPoint Magazine

How Empire Operates: An Interview with Laleh Khalili Laleh Khalili February 1, 2018 Viewpoint: How do you understand imperialism? Is it still a useful concept? What analytical frameworks do you see as most adequate for understanding relations of force at the … Continue reading

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Interview from 2017 with Salvage Magazine

Logistics, Counterinsurgency and the War on Terror: An Interview with Laleh Khalili by George Souvlis and Laleh Khalili | March 16, 2017 George Souvlis: By way of introduction, could you explain what personal experiences strongly influenced you, politically and academically? Laleh Khalili: I … Continue reading

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Shay wa nana podcast

I had a wonderful conversation with Zein El-Amine on his Shay wa Nana radio show on Wednesday 20 May 2020! or 89.3 FM in DC area. Zein has lived in Bahrain (on a military base!) and in Saudi Arabia, … Continue reading

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LRB podcast with Rafeef Ziadah

I was supposed to have a lovely launch in the London Review Bookshop, but alas, COVID-19 has shut everything down. So instead, we recorded a podcast which you can listen to here:

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