The Uses of Shipping Containers

There is a deep fascination with shipping containers… The best reading on all of this is of course the classic The Box  by Marc Levinson – but recently there are a lot more links.  Here are a few more:

This piece on the 60th birthday of the container – including great conversations with a longshoreman, a beachcomber, the owner of a restaurant made out of a shipping container, and with Alex Colas and Saskia Sassen- is by Tristan Stewart-Robinson.

This news item from the BBC is about the uses of shipping containers as instruments of policing.  And this one is about the shipping container as a vehicle of migration.

And architectural gems made from shipping containers seem to capture people’s imaginations.  And this one.  And this one too.  And the other uses for containers.  And this one too.



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1 Response to The Uses of Shipping Containers

  1. Jeroen says:

    The Belgian artist/architect Luc Deleu has made a number of interesting sculptures or ‘architectural intervention in public space’ with shipping containers.

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