Sinews of War and Trade website

The brilliant Rafeef Ziadah and Katy Fox-Hodess were instrumental in researching and building the project website,

The project website provides a wealth of information about maritime transportation and the surrounding infrastructures in the Arabian Peninsula. It mines both historic and contemporary sources to populate the data spreadsheets and the data-visualisation that give a quick sense of logistics and maritime work in the countries of the Gulf as well as Yemen!

Eseld Imms designed the site. She is also the brilliant map-maker for the book, Sinews of War and Trade. The map below is the one that appeared in the book.


The website includes rich info sheets for all the countries of the peninsula as well as the following maps and graphs: Screenshot 2020-04-15 at 14.46.16.png

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2 Responses to Sinews of War and Trade website

  1. Andrea Bottalico says:

    Dear Laleh, thank you for your blogs’ updates.  I wanted to share with you our project of Weapon Watch, check the website, it’s an observatory created by militants, port workers and researchers on the military logistics in mediterranean ports. all the best andrea Bottalico

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