Malta-Dubai; 24-25 August 2016 – Day 15-16, The Indian Ocean

24 August

09.15 (GMT+4)

Steaming in the Indian Ocean

The “rough seas” promised by the weather bulletin appeared somewhere close to 21.00 last night. It really wasn’t all that rough in any case and the rolling was more like being in a hammock. Strangely the vibrations and the rolling bring on dreams and I dream of things so intensely.

It is southwest monsoon and there is a tropical depression to the east of us. The wind is blowing from our stern and the waves are 2-3 metres high. But the ship seems quite steady as it goes.


18.55 (GMT+4)

One of the things that I have noticed on this trip is that the seafarers all have access to internet now on their phones. I think they pay something for this, but now, can have instantaneous contact via their mobile and laptops which is different than what I remember from Corte Real (where I think their emails were sent home once a day via a satellite link). I wonder if this access to mobile phone is why the Filipino crew seem not o do karaoke parties anymore.

25 August

11.15 (GMT +4)

Steaming past Masirah Islands towards Ras al-Hadd

Sunny outside and the sea still covered with white horses, but the ship not rolling as much as before. It is still hazy outside, but not grey and the visibility further than yesterday.

Utter monotony as we steam towards Ras al-Hadd, and Hormuz Strait (where we will arrive, I think, tomorrow at 7).

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