Pirates Pirates Pirates

They are EVERYWHERE!  Here is Michael Dirda writing about campy pirates:

Many [film pirates] are also distinctly camp. The first pirate most of us encounter is Captain Hook, who, as played by Cyril Ritchard in the Mary Martin version of Peter Pan, glories in the mincing affectation and extravagance of a boisterous drag queen (there were, in fact, cross-dressing female pirates, like Mary Read and Anne Bonny). Johnny Depp as the bejeweled Jack Sparrow continues this tradition, as did, in a more wholesome manner, Burt Lancaster, who portrayed The Crimson Pirate in the film of that name with uncontainable exuberance and a smile as big as a mainsail. Think, too, of Wesley, played by Carey Elwes, as the almost foppish Dread Pirate Roberts in The Princess Bride. Such figures aren’t villains; they are self-aware performance artists. Being stagey and colorful is their life.


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