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Marsaxlokk-Jabal Ali: Surmises

How will I ever be able to return to life, “circumspect life” in Melville’s words, after that, the “delirious throb” of this research adventure? In his gorgeous opening to Moby Dick, Melville writes, “whenever it is a damp, drizzly November … Continue reading

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Maritime Marriages

I have had the pleasure of reading Fernand Braudel’s The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II (Vol. II) while in Malta.  When I first searched for Malta in the index, I was so pleased to see … Continue reading

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the luminous beaches

A Small Invitation By Yannis Ritsos Translated from the Greek by Kimon Friar Come to the luminous beaches─he murmured to himself here where the colors are celebrating─look─ here where the royal family never once passed with its closed carriages and … Continue reading

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Confusion of land

‬ [Untitled] By Octavio Paz, Trans. Muriel Rukeyser At daybreak go looking for your newborn name Over the thrones of sleep glittering the light Gallops across all mountains to the sea The sun with his spurs on is entering the … Continue reading

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nothing was what they said: not safety, not the sea.

Children, the Sandbar, That Summer By Muriel Rukeyser Sunlight the tall women may never have seen. Men, perhaps, going headfirst into the breakers, but certainly the children at the sandbar. Shallow glints in the wave suspended we knew at the … Continue reading

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Sha’bi cosmopolitanisms

There is very little that is original in this post, but I want to put it down anyway, because the affects of this moment are lovely; something that I want to remember when I think about so much that is … Continue reading

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Confidence By Marsden Hartley (1877-1943) ‘We’ll have the sun now,’ the quaking sea gulls said ‘We’ve run the gamut of the thundering sea, one by one one by one, and though the wave is full of bread a wing is … Continue reading

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